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  • Hybrid
Scheme Name1 Year (%)2 Years (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)10 Years (%)
Debt: Dynamic Bond
Debt: Low Duration
Aditya Birla SL - Low Duration Fund (G)7.157.607.567.488.09
DSP - Low Duration Fund Reg (G)6.157.327.427.450.00
Invesco - India Treasury Advantage Fund (G)6.577.647.547.468.25
Kotak - Low Duration Fund Std (G)7.357.797.727.838.48
Debt: Short Duration
Axis - Short Term Fund (G)9.319.558.568.218.56
DSP - STF Reg (G)8.358.827.867.598.28
L&T - Short Term Bond Fund (G)8.699.018.257.810.00
Nippon India - Short Term Fund (G)8.608.997.917.798.40
Debt: Ultra Short Duration
Axis - Ultra Short Term Fund Reg (G)4.976.
DSP - Ultra Short Fund Reg Plan (G)4.435.775.576.047.32
Scheme Name1 Year (%)2 Years (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)10 Years (%)
Equity: ELSS
Axis - Long Term Equity Fund (G)17.6220.2411.5815.3617.04
Mirae - Asset Tax Saver Fund Reg (G)22.2320.9810.8320.270.00
Equity: Focused
Aditya Birla SL - Focused Equity Fund Reg (G)15.0816.297.1313.3812.49
Axis - Focused 25 Fund Reg (G)18.6521.0311.3817.890.00
IDFC - Focused Equity Fund Reg (G)14.3814.183.3313.898.88
Mirae - Asset Focused Fund Reg (G)21.530.
SBI - Focused Equity Fund Reg (G)11.2617.248.5115.3616.08
Equity: Global
ICICI Pru - US Bluechip Equity Fund Reg (G)19.2421.4316.8617.720.00
PGIM India - Global Equity Opportunities Fund (G)70.1245.2031.6224.5311.65
Equity: Large & Mid Cap
L&T - Large and Midcap Fund (G)11.4313.072.3611.8411.70
Equity: Large Cap
Axis - Bluechip Fund (G)18.2819.7814.2516.5713.27
BNP Paribas - Large Cap Fund (G)16.0718.769.1713.3913.00
Can Robeco - Bluechip Equity Fund (G)22.1920.9513.4116.3312.72
IDFC - Large Cap Fund Reg (G)18.3315.577.5014.049.75
L&T - India Large Cap Fund (G)11.9814.907.1412.1510.31
Equity: Mid Cap
Axis - Midcap Fund (G)21.8221.6313.9216.640.00
Mirae - Asset Mid Cap Fund Reg (G)24.660.
Equity: Multi Cap
Axis - Multicap Fund (G)17.4318.8414.010.000.00
Invesco - India Multicap Fund (G)15.7814.633.5512.1215.27
Kotak - Standard Multicap Fund (G)10.9114.437.7014.9213.75
Parag Parikh - Flexi Cap Fund Reg (G)31.5024.2814.1917.350.00
SBI - Magnum Multicap Fund Reg (G)12.9914.766.4813.7912.73
Equity: Sectoral
Aditya Birla SL - Pharma & Healthcare Fund (G)
DSP - Healthcare Fund (G)64.9638.380.000.000.00
ICICI Pru - Pharma Healthcare And Diagnostics Fund (G)63.3033.690.000.000.00
ICICI Pru - Technology Fund (G)64.9831.3325.0120.3017.97
Mirae - Asset Healthcare Fund (G)62.7534.
Nippon India - Pharma Fund (G)63.2229.8120.1913.2416.46
SBI - Healthcare Opportunities Fund Reg (G)62.5228.7715.057.3916.14
Tata - Digital India Fund Reg Plan (G)53.6729.5724.6019.690.00
Equity: Small Cap
Axis - Small Cap Fund Reg (G)15.6322.6711.0415.850.00
Can Robeco - Small Cap Fund Reg (G)31.4817.
Kotak - Smallcap Fund (G)28.2323.467.0115.7015.03
Nippon India - Small Cap Fund (G)21.2515.231.6714.9517.90
Equity: Thematic
Aditya Birla SL - MNC Fund Reg (G)8.859.464.209.8215.63
Scheme Name1 Year (%)2 Years (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)10 Years (%)
Hybrid: Aggressive
Can Robeco - Equity Hybrid Fund Reg (G)18.9116.8210.6813.7913.00
SBI - Equity Hybrid Fund Reg (G)11.7314.658.4012.3712.55
Hybrid: Dynamic Asset
Kotak - Balanced Advantage Fund Reg (G)13.2713.730.000.000.00
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