MF Recommendation
  • Debt
  • Equity
  • Hybrid
Scheme Name1 Year (%)2 Years (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)10 Years (%)
Debt: Dynamic Bond
Debt: Low Duration
Aditya Birla SL - Low Duration Fund (G)7.267.417.157.497.94
Axis - Treasury Advantage Fund (G)7.647.677.397.698.21
Invesco - India Treasury Advantage Fund (G)7.737.647.317.628.19
Kotak - Low Duration Fund Std (G)7.507.557.457.998.29
Debt: Money Market
IDFC - Money Manager Fund Reg (G)5.966.236.206.907.49
Debt: Short Duration
DSP - STF Reg (G)7.746.956.827.227.95
Debt: Ultra Short Duration
DSP - Ultra Short Fund Reg Plan (G)6.485.866.016.567.44
IDFC - Ultra Short Term Fund Reg (G)
Scheme Name1 Year (%)2 Years (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)10 Years (%)
Equity: ELSS
Axis - Long Term Equity Fund (G)-12.15-3.803.603.8913.40
Can Robeco - Equity Taxsaver Fund Reg (G)-13.21-2.643.032.968.94
DSP - Tax Saver Fund Reg Fund (G)-20.82-9.16-2.652.859.03
IDFC - Tax Advantage Reg (G)-31.68-18.73-6.25-1.417.62
Invesco - India Tax Plan (G)-17.99-7.530.182.5710.10
Mirae - Asset Tax Saver Fund Reg (G)-19.93-6.751.210.000.00
Equity: Focused
Aditya Birla SL - Focused Equity Fund Reg (G)-20.78-8.39-2.771.298.53
Axis - Focused 25 Fund Reg (G)-14.52-5.662.984.990.00
IDFC - Focused Equity Fund Reg (G)-20.00-14.32-
Mirae - Asset Focused Fund Reg (G)
SBI - Focused Equity Fund Reg (G)-13.35-4.534.335.4512.96
Equity: Global
Franklin - India Feeder Franklin US Opp (G)4.8913.1715.139.960.00
ICICI Pru - US Bluechip Equity Fund Reg (G)6.0313.9113.2310.690.00
Equity: Large & Mid Cap
Can Robeco - Emerging equities Reg (G)-18.35-9.62-1.524.6714.16
L&T - Large and Midcap Fund (G)-20.78-13.65-4.510.178.08
Mirae - Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund Reg (G)-18.10-6.330.487.380.00
SBI - Large & Midcap Fund Reg (G)-24.14-11.13-3.290.948.14
Equity: Large Cap
Axis - Bluechip Fund (G)-7.911.267.465.569.51
Can Robeco - Bluechip Equity Fund (G)-10.50-1.203.343.700.00
ICICI Pru - Bluechip Fund Reg (G)-22.92-9.13-1.971.538.54
IDFC - Large Cap Fund Reg (G)-18.97-7.29-1.000.415.70
Invesco - India Largecap Fund (G)-20.98-8.67-1.270.826.91
L&T - India Large Cap Fund (G)-19.83-8.08-
Mirae - Asset Large Cap Fund Reg (G)-21.62-7.00-0.133.5410.48
PGIM India - Large Cap Fund Reg (G)-20.02-8.09-2.440.505.93
SBI - Blue Chip Fund Reg (G)-22.27-10.96-3.520.727.78
Equity: Mid Cap
DSP - Mid cap Fund Reg (G)-15.88-10.11-2.734.1311.27
Kotak - Emerging Equity (G)-22.32-13.94-5.372.2810.27
L&T - Mid Cap Fund (G)-24.97-16.24-5.512.3710.17
Mirae - Asset Mid Cap Fund Reg (G)
SBI - Magnum MidCap Fund Reg (G)-27.60-18.69-9.99-1.839.16
Equity: Multi Cap
Axis - Multicap Fund (G)-7.750.430.000.000.00
Can Robeco - Equity Diversified Fund (G)-14.30-3.092.702.648.51
Edelweiss - Multi-Cap Fund Reg (G)-21.54-10.91-
Invesco - India Multicap Fund (G)-20.20-13.98-4.810.1811.42
Kotak - Standard Multicap Fund (G)-22.02-8.42-1.993.179.78
SBI - M Multicap Fund Reg (G)-21.81-10.54-2.382.597.78
Equity: Sectoral
Aditya Birla SL - Banking and Financial Services Fund Reg (G)-36.47-17.81-7.581.670.00
ICICI Pru - Banking & Financial Services Fund Reg (G)-38.16-16.88-7.711.8410.01
Mirae - Asset Healthcare Fund (G)
SBI - Healthcare Opportunities Fund Reg (G)7.783.82-1.80-3.2213.00
Equity: Small Cap
Can Robeco - Small Cap Fund Reg (G)-27.320.
Equity: Thematic
Aditya Birla SL - MNC Fund Reg (G)-15.90-7.380.941.6713.63
ICICI Pru - India Opportunities Fund (G)-31.870.
SBI - PSU Fund Reg (G)-25.29-17.46-12.93-4.430.00
Scheme Name1 Year (%)2 Years (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)10 Years (%)
Hybrid: Aggressive
DSP - Equity & Bond Fund Reg (G)-10.54-3.950.794.178.36
Mirae - Asset Hybrid Equity Fund Reg (G)-14.48-3.141.420.000.00
Hybrid: Dynamic Asset
Edelweiss - Balanced Advantage Fund (G)-3.280.624.033.527.97
ICICI Pru - Balanced Advantage Fund Reg (G)-12.59-3.990.613.759.29
L&T - Balanced Advantage Fund (G)-4.580.062.281.880.00
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