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Scheme Name1 Year (%)2 Years (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)10 Years (%)
Debt: Dynamic Bond
Debt: Low Duration
Aditya Birla SL - Low Duration Fund (G)8.058.337.567.668.17
DSP - Low Duration Fund Reg (G)
Invesco - India Treasury Advantage Fund (G)7.888.557.677.728.36
Kotak - Low Duration Fund Std (G)8.568.477.818.098.53
Debt: Short Duration
Axis - Short Term Fund (G)10.2310.
DSP - STF Reg (G)9.329.447.417.708.27
Kotak - Bond STP (G)9.789.937.938.068.21
L&T - Short Term Bond Fund (G)9.629.737.987.970.00
Nippon India - Short Term Fund (G)9.269.477.397.868.29
Debt: Ultra Short Duration
Axis - Ultra Short Term Fund Reg (G)5.976.970.000.000.00
DSP - Ultra Short Fund Reg Plan (G)5.455.995.826.297.45
Scheme Name1 Year (%)2 Years (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)10 Years (%)
Equity: ELSS
Axis - Long Term Equity Fund (G)-
Mirae - Asset Tax Saver Fund Reg (G)6.137.937.810.000.00
Equity: Focused
Aditya Birla SL - Focused Equity Fund Reg (G)-1.662.312.127.109.40
Axis - Focused 25 Fund Reg (G)-1.534.276.2811.150.00
IDFC - Focused Equity Fund Reg (G)8.373.512.429.196.60
Mirae - Asset Focused Fund Reg (G)6.870.
SBI - Focused Equity Fund Reg (G)-1.975.866.569.8312.67
Equity: Global
ICICI Pru - US Bluechip Equity Fund Reg (G)15.729.6515.0714.710.00
Equity: Large & Mid Cap
L&T - Large and Midcap Fund (G)3.692.081.566.639.23
Mirae - Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund Reg (G)7.7010.007.5414.0717.76
Equity: Large Cap
Axis - Bluechip Fund (G)-
BNP Paribas - Large Cap Fund (G)-1.816.605.237.299.86
Can Robeco - Bluechip Equity Fund (G)
ICICI Pru - Bluechip Fund Reg (G)-3.210.573.218.029.26
IDFC - Large Cap Fund Reg (G)2.913.264.548.376.94
L&T - India Large Cap Fund (G)-2.882.773.646.247.57
Mirae - Asset Large Cap Fund Reg (G)0.504.155.4410.3411.67
Equity: Mid Cap
Axis - Midcap Fund (G)10.5010.5211.4310.400.00
DSP - Mid cap Fund Reg (G)12.9410.375.7811.7712.30
Mirae - Asset Mid Cap Fund Reg (G)
Equity: Multi Cap
Axis - Multicap Fund (G)-3.056.790.000.000.00
Invesco - India Multicap Fund (G)2.051.811.626.5611.77
Kotak - Standard Multicap Fund (G)-2.873.073.759.0210.49
SBI - M Multicap Fund Reg (G)-6.721.591.877.949.00
Equity: Sectoral
Aditya Birla SL - Pharma & Healthcare Fund (G)
DSP - Healthcare Fund (G)74.570.
ICICI Pru - Pharma Healthcare And Diagnostics Fund (G)67.9623.720.000.000.00
Mirae - Asset Healthcare Fund (G)69.7927.580.000.000.00
Nippon India - Pharma Fund (G)59.0719.4420.897.9615.43
SBI - Healthcare Opportunities Fund Reg (G)60.7318.7213.513.4315.52
Equity: Small Cap
Axis - Small Cap Fund Reg (G)8.7713.509.4111.360.00
Can Robeco - Small Cap Fund Reg (G)
Kotak - Smallcap Fund (G)12.847.973.328.9510.76
Nippon India - Small Cap Fund (G)10.743.302.9411.2315.43
SBI - Small Cap Fund Reg (G)11.357.876.1713.5916.77
Equity: Thematic
Aditya Birla SL - MNC Fund Reg (G)2.403.014.035.7113.68
ICICI Pru - India Opportunities Fund (G)-6.950.
Scheme Name1 Year (%)2 Years (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)10 Years (%)
Hybrid: Aggressive
Can Robeco - Equity Hybrid Fund Reg (G)7.508.027.319.5010.47
SBI - Equity Hybrid Fund Reg (G)-0.675.705.808.269.91
Hybrid: Dynamic Asset
ICICI Pru - Balanced Advantage Fund Reg (G)3.566.375.928.1410.50
Kotak - Balanced Advantage Fund Reg (G)8.138.780.000.000.00
Tata - Balanced Advantage Fund (G)7.440.
Scheme Name1 Year (%)2 Years (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)10 Years (%)
Others: FoFs Overseas
DSP - US Flexible Equity Reg Fund (G)15.315.0811.8412.730.00
PGIM India - Global Equity Opportunities Fund (G)55.7026.9123.9515.8010.34
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